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Sunair maintains an inventory of parts and spares for all supported products to keep our customers’ systems operational. In order to mitigate any potential waiting time associated with certain parts, Sunair strongly encourages the inclusion of Running Spares and Field Modules Kits when considering a purchase of our HF products.

Running Spares Kits

These kits contain items often replaced in field operation by the operator, and the typical complement of parts includes fuses, lamps, etc. We recommend that a Running Spares Kit be purchased with each equipment unit ordered.

Field Module Kits

Field Module Kits contain those items which allow the equipment to be repaired at the highest practical level of assembly to minimize down time or off-the-air time. These kits include a complete set of subassemblies, piece parts, and a common hardware kit. With very little test equipment and some common tools, a technician should be able to replace one of these parts. We recommend that a Field Module Kit be purchased with every five equipment units ordered.

To initiate a request for Spares, kindly send an email to and our Sales Team will reach out to you promptly.