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Sure and Secure Communications


At Sunair, our Mission is simple: to be the leading provider of sure and secure strategic communications solutions.

To guide us towards this objective, we have identified a set of values, goals, and a strategic framework that captures our beliefs and future.


  • Total Customer Satisfaction: We strive to exceed customer expectations with respect to quality, performance, service, and value.
  • Ethics: We aim to conduct our business with the highest standards of ethics and to carry our sense of responsibility into the respective communities and countries in which we operate.
  • Innovation: We recognize that continuous improvement in all aspects our business is the key to our success. We work to foster an environment centered on creativity by investing in our people, processes, and plans.
  • Collaboration: We strive to harness the wealth of our diversity to form a truly team-oriented environment and an effective global competitor.
  • Attitude: We understand that the success of our company is entirely rooted in our approach. Each of us strives to maintain a keenness to grow and learn, sense of ownership, positive attitude, and strong customer awareness.


  • Customer Brand of Choice: leading technology, superior quality, proactive order management, outstanding customer service, timely problem-solving, customer education
  • Effective Global Competitor: lowest total cost of ownership, continuous product improvement, world-class practices in every process
  • Sustainable and Profitable Growth: refining core competencies, leveraging strength in engineering services, strategic industry partnerships, qualified distributor network, monitoring industry trends, strict stewardship
  • Technological Innovation: sensible design, demand via unique product features, customer feedback


  • Sharp, motivated, and committed personnel
  • Best practices across all functions of the organization
  • Leveraging core competencies and utilizing engineering strengths to enhance value proposition
  • Mutual partnerships

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