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Sunair HF products and solutions are used and implemented around the world, in applications requiring the failsafe exchange of information. Militaries, governments, civil aviation agencies, and commercial organizations need to exchange information swiftly and securely, often across hemispheres. Sunair supplies interoperable and powerful high-frequency communications systems to permit those security organizations to respond promptly in absolute mission-critical situations. Sunair HF equipment is ruggedized and built to comply with the highest military standards at the national and international level, to ensure both global interoperability and versatility for air, surface, and maritime applications in a host of configurations, including C3, fixed station, shelterized, transportable, vehicular, and shipboard.

  • company > applicationsAIRHaving first begun in 1956 as a manufacturer of airborne HF radios, Sunair continues to leverage its history and experience to serve a host of the world’s major air forces, governments, civil aviation agencies, and airlines for their respective strategic air communications requirements. Sunair offers complete ground-to-air communications packages for airborne support, airspace security, and air traffic control applications. Sunair’s entrance into the sphere of high power transmission with the development of solid-state 5 and 10-kilowatt amplifiers, and acceptance of the product range by NATO, has generated substantial attention from air forces and aviation agencies searching for a proven long-range communications solution permitting complete hemispheric coverage.
  • company > applicationssurface with an approach centered on understanding customer needs and providing tailored solutions, Sunair serves the world’s leading land forces, joint forces, governments, international organizations, and commercial institutions for their respective strategic surface communications requirements. Sunair provides complete ground-to-ground communications packages in fixed station, sheltered, transportable, and vehicular settings.
  • company > applicationsMARITIMEHaving more than four decades of experience in delivering equipment, systems, and services to joint forces, navies, coast guards, and marine corps around the world, Sunair is a demonstrated leader in strategic maritime communications. Sunair provides complete ship-to-shore communications packages for military, emergency management, disaster relief, and peacekeeping applications.