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Sunair’s New Look

Sunair is pleased to announce the debut of a new logo and website that promotes our image in the HF and defense communications industry as a modern and innovative organization. As we celebrate our 55th year of business, we are proud to unveil an image that demonstrates a progressive take on our core engineering strengths and culture of continuous improvement. The clean and smooth lines of our new logo and website focus on concepts of simplicity and sophistication, while the retention of our icon communicates a strong sense of history. Evoking a sense of dynamism and evolution, our new imagery represents a continued commitment to meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers and partners.

About Sunair

Sunair has over 50 years of demonstrated leadership in the arena of secure radio communications for military, government, civil aviation, and commercial applications. With a firm foundation in the design and manufacturing of strategic high frequency radio equipment, Sunair has evolved into a competitive provider of HF products and broad communications solutions for leading security organizations around the world, in all 7 continents and in nearly 100 countries. The company’s 9000 Series HF Radios, Linear Power Amplifiers, Antenna Couplers, and High Power Transmitters are the next generation of products supporting mission-critical operations worldwide.